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>> Dress up.  Face facts, you dress up because it helps you survive.  
>> clothing you wear and the cosmetics you use make you more attractive.
>> Consequently, all those who observe you are psychologically affected
>> (nay, manipulated) through their interaction with a well dressed 
>> It is the clever people who use readily available tools to cope with 
>> selective pressures of life.  Now, some of you are so brilliant that 
>> scrap of material could provide you with any more of a evolutionary
>> advantage than you already posess.  Great for you.  But, beware of 
>> boss in the three piece suit.
>> Is the Bengal Tiger ridiculed because it wears stripes when it heads 
>> to work?  Well, maybe the prey complain- the ones that survive.
>> Get real.  Go figure out how to regulate cellular metabolism.
>> Sincerely yours,
>> Rick
>Is the reason that no one has responded to this because it is so 
>The last thing that I want to worry about is whether women are 
>as getting ahead in science because of their looks.
I know that's why I ignored it.  When I was younger I was accused of 
batting my eyes at the boss by a coworker who wasn't advancing as fast.  
To most people, it was obvious that I was advancing faster because of 
the quality of my work, but to the few who got passed over this was an 
easy excuse.  It wasn't true at all, but nothing could convince these 
people otherwise.   So my own personal experience tells me it isn't 
worth argueing with someone who believes this.
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