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In article <Judy-0208960954130001 at malus.zoo.duke.edu>, Judy at amida.zoo.duke.edu (Judy Stone) writes:
|> In article <31F8F61D.61075EC5 at valinor.chem.ohiou.edu>, Rick Leach
|> <leach at valinor.chem.ohiou.edu> wrote:
|> > Dress up.  Face facts, you dress up because it helps you survive.  The
|> > clothing you wear and the cosmetics you use make you more attractive.
|> > Consequently, all those who observe you are psychologically affected
|> > (nay, manipulated) through their interaction with a well dressed woman.
|> > It is the clever people who use readily available tools to cope with the
|> > selective pressures of life.  Now, some of you are so brilliant that no
|> > scrap of material could provide you with any more of a evolutionary
|> > advantage than you already posess.  Great for you.  But, beware of your
|> > boss in the three piece suit.
|> > 
|> > Is the Bengal Tiger ridiculed because it wears stripes when it heads of
|> > to work?  Well, maybe the prey complain- the ones that survive.
|> > 
|> > Get real.  Go figure out how to regulate cellular metabolism.
|> > 
|> > Sincerely yours,
|> > 
|> > Rick
|> Is the reason that no one has responded to this because it is so inflammatory?
|> The last thing that I want to worry about is whether women are perceived
|> as getting ahead in science because of their looks.

Well, there are people who think they do. Have you never been told the story
of some woman who got her degree/good grades/etc. just because of her good 

I just had to put up with this crap exactly on the day that posting appeared -
did not know how to react, since after the story I heard at lunch I did not
know if it was really meant as bad as it sounds. 

The story at lunch was about a woman who studied Physics in some university 
in Budapest (the story was related by a hungarian colleage) and during her 
time there became notorious for trying to cheat, fake experimental data in
lab courses and other stuff like that. Well, and now she got a job at
hungarian televion, and makes a popular science show for children. My 
hungarian colleague was quite upset about this, that she could have found
a way to succeed, and probably earn more money than he does as a scientist. 
When another colleague (male) and I said we didn't get the point of why this
upset him so, since though certainly her trying to cheat all the time was
a problem, she now has found a job where she is doing no harm (or rather 
where some cheating maybe is even required - TV lies quite often to get
a certain point across), out of science, so what? Besides, people seem to
like the show, so maybe she is actually doing something good for attracting
children to science.
"But she also only got her degree because she appeared to all her exams
dressed very sexy, and all those old professors noticed only her looks and
not what she said!" 
I have to say for my other colleague that he immediately joined my when I 
burst out "So what? If men are so stupid that they are that easily fooled,
it's not the womans fault."
So, actually I prefer someone like Rick above (even if it was a spam),
saying "go ahead and use all weapons you have" a lot
to someone who goes about telling that it's a womans fault if mens reaction
depends on her looks.


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