A peeve

Lesley McKeown mckeownl at voyager.co.nz
Sun Aug 4 05:26:23 EST 1996

Hi Susan,

I'll probably get into a heap of hot water for this but I sometimes think 
that men are just boys in big clothes and you just have to manipulate 
them in a motherly sort of way. I have tried this technique with some 
success as it had worked with my eldest son ( and my husband to some 
extent). I work in a total male environment so there may be some 
advantage to being the only woman, I don't know. Having said all this 
however, some of the most viciously competitive people I have come across 
have been women - men being more posturing, women out and out vixens!

I would be interested to hear what you think and what your own situation 
is. ( I haven't visited the newsgroup for a while as it was getting a bit 
boring but I think I will watch this space!)


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