dressing up

Ellie Ettehadieh eettehad at direct.ca
Sun Aug 4 14:53:42 EST 1996

One question: why is it that this issue is so important to some people. 
Once and for all; dressing up or not dressing up has to do with ones
personality.  It all has to do with feeling comfortable, some feel
comfortable and more at ease when they are (is some others oppinion)
dressed up and some women/men feel more comfy dressing casually.  Where
does the conter productivness coming from if people are feeling comfortable
with the way they look???  I think its actually more productive to dress up
if thats who you are and vise versa.  I say dress up if you feel like and
look like a slob if you want to or be some where in the middle if you feel
like it.  After all who am I to pass judgment on some ones seriousness or
productiveness based on what they look like.  Isn't this the same
stereotypical view that men (because they are men) are more serious about
their work than women (because they are women)????


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