dressing up

Denise Storck-schattner storck-s at it.uwp.edu
Mon Aug 5 10:08:43 EST 1996

Thanks Ellie.  That's what it's all about.  Yes, first impressions are 
made a lot of times based on appearances, but appearances are only skin 
deep.  Once people look beyond the appearances, they will know what one 
is really worth.  I dress up or dress casually because I feel 
comfortable, but I also like to make a good first impression.  I also 
find that in science, and being a woman, that when I am put together 
and look nice on the outside, that I am more confident in situations 
that I may tend to back down.  That was the point of my original post a 
couple of weeks ago, that first impressions count, but because I choose 
to look nice and put together, I should not be taken any less seriously 
because of it.


Ellie Ettehadieh (eettehad at direct.ca) wrote:
: One question: why is it that this issue is so important to some people. 
: Once and for all; dressing up or not dressing up has to do with ones
: personality.  It all has to do with feeling comfortable, some feel
: comfortable and more at ease when they are (is some others oppinion)
: dressed up and some women/men feel more comfy dressing casually.  Where
: does the conter productivness coming from if people are feeling comfortable
: with the way they look???  I think its actually more productive to dress up
: if thats who you are and vise versa.  I say dress up if you feel like and
: look like a slob if you want to or be some where in the middle if you feel
: like it.  After all who am I to pass judgment on some ones seriousness or
: productiveness based on what they look like.  Isn't this the same
: stereotypical view that men (because they are men) are more serious about
: their work than women (because they are women)????

: Ellie.

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