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[snip about PI leaving]
>tech support is gone and the PI is looking for a new job *sigh* The project
>itself has been very successful but its a difficult and long term project
>so no publishable results to this point (I'm starting my fourth year of grad
>school now), it seems likely now that the PI will eventually leave and the
>lab will go to others and I will still me here trying to finish up. Actually
>this may happen sooner rather than later. How badly is this fiasco going
>to impact on my search for a PostDoc? If the PI fails, does it have 
>implications for the student for a future career. I'd hate to dead in the
>water before I got off the ground. Also any encouragement as to how to stay
happy with science in this type of situation would be appreciated! :-) 

Would one of your committee members be willing to take you on as a student?
Is your department chair sympathetic? Have you discussed any of this with
him or her? Your department has invested a lot in you, it would be in their
best interests to see that you finish your degree and do it in a reasonable 
amount of time. Also, I would hope your current advisor would still be willing
to stay involved with your project, even if from a distance. 

Good luck, it sounds like you are going through a scary situation - hang
in there!



>Enthusiastic scientific interaction is pretty much gone...or will be soon.
>Also I am concerned with unconsciously adopting scientific traits which
>may have led to my advisor's!

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