chronic illness and grad school and dressing up!!!

Rachelle J. Bienstock rachelle at
Thu Aug 8 12:22:51 EST 1996


I just came back from The Protein Society meeting and I want to
address both of these issues which have been raised-chronic illness 
and dressing up...

It was the first scientific meeting in which I saw so much
diversity.  First, in terms of chronic illness..there was one man
at the meeting in a motorized wheelchair, and I saw one man who had
an artificial arm.  I did not have occassion to speak to either of these
individuals personally, so I cannot say whether their jobs involved
labwork, computer work or what...HOwever, both are scientists and 
therefore I assume actively working in the Protein Chemistry field...
I think more and more people with disabilities or chronic illnesses
are doing whatever they want to and are capable of doing and are 
treated like everyone else- as they should be!  Therefore, to the
two young women I say-only you know your physical limitations...and
if you are capable of it ...go for it!  In the United States, the
Disability Act protects you, and no university or company can
discriminate against you because of your disability....

At this meeting there was a young woman who was wearing very brief
hot pants and a sheer lace bodice top (sort of like Madonna dressed
in some of her old videos...).  Many people noticed and remembered this
woman because of the way she was dressed...While I might not think she
looked very professional or was dressed appropriately -who am I to
judge....maybe she thinks I look unprofessional because I am slightly
overweight.  There was also a young man I spoke with who had a pierced
nose and the back of his head shaved in an unusual haircut...He seemed
like a very nice fellow...

It's kind of nice to go to a scientific meeting and not see all young
or middle aged men dressed in button down shirts...and I think it brings
something to science to have different people with different

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