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Fri Aug 9 09:21:14 EST 1996


> I was told by a communications skills seminar teacher (note vested 
> interest here) that half of science is being able to communicate your 
> ideas and enthusasim to others, both those who work for you and those 

I would definitely agree!

> I know that most people I've talked to about this think that scientists 
> can be too "slick" for their own good (ie-"what are they trying to hide 
> by using that fancy slide program" is the first thought in some people's 
> mind when they see other than black on white or white on blue slides, 
> and 3 piece suits on anything other than sales reps can be 

Okay - the three piece suit is a bit extreme, But most people I
know really respect those slick slides.  Well done, they can
really help get across the information.  There is NOTHING more
annoying than listening to a top scientist who has old crummy
slides, with too much info on them, are difficult to read from
the back of the room, and obviously just threw what he had into
presentation.  Or shows up in jeans.  To me, that demonstrates
a lack of respect for the audience.  

People who think "so what are they trying to hide with the fancy
slide program' - are often jealous.  When - in reality, those
fancy slides can be made in a flash with a good scanner and a
little practice. 

Science is partially about marketing yourself and your work
today.  That "data" sketchy poster can be great if the
presenter does a good job, addressing the questions behind the
project and where it needs to go next.  A neat appearance in
casual, non-ancient attire and the ability to listen.  It's all
part of a package that you need to sell.

Kathie Sindt
kas4e at

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