dressing & original thought

CAShug cashug at aol.com
Wed Aug 14 16:38:20 EST 1996


Just my two cents on dress codes--
For better or worse, I went to private schools for nearly 14 years--all
with a dress code. For grades 1-6, we wore those plaid jumpers graduating
to skirts and vests in grades 7 and 8. When we reached high school we
thought we were in for a treat since our school didn't have uniforms. We
had to wear gray or navy skirts or pants with a blouse with a collar.
Blazers were optional. Boys had to wear ties. No jeans, sneakers, hats. We
were pretty free as to how formal you could be and the luxury of wearing
pants during colder weather was appreciated. Unfortunately, I read in the
paper that the new principal might revert back to uniforms. I hope not. 
Interestingly, when my high school had "Casual Day" once or twice a year,
everyone was so much more rowdy and loud. What do they say, Clothes make
the man--well, they certainly seem to bring a sense of seriousness to the


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