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S L Forsburg forsburg at
Tue Aug 13 19:11:34 EST 1996

Deb Britt wrote:

> (snip)
> I have encouraged her to present a poster on her
> preliminary findings at two local poster sessions next month for two
> reasons:  to give her the experience, and recognition for her work, but
> also as a way of announcing myself to the research community here.  It is
> my chance to say "I'm here and working!" even though I haven't got enough
> to publish yet.

In my lab, if anyone wants to go to a meeting, they have to do a poster
(at least!).  Great way for them to meet others, start conversations,
and of course, as Deb says, it never hurts to show the flag.  So,
some posters are light on data....but it's never too soon for students
to learn how to present and discuss their projects.


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