candidacy exam prep. problems..

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Mon Aug 19 15:50:46 EST 1996

I'm currently enrolled in my second year of a PhD program in physiology.  
I love the work that I do and the environment in the lab is pretty good 
(a few problems, but aren't there always a few of those!)..  Here's the 
deal though..

I am preparing for my candidacy exam right now.. I had hoped to right it 
sometime in August, but my supervisor told me that he wanted to have his 
funding applications dealt with before it was time for my exam.. so the 
matter was dropped for a little while..  Just recently I started talking 
about it again.  He's tossed out some names about who he wants to have on 
the jury but is being pretty noncommittal about it.  In fact, he's left 
it all up to me to phone up these people and ask them if they'd accept to 
sit on my evaluation committee.  I've decided for myself that I want the 
exam to be over and done with by early November at the latest.

The problem is that I'm having a really hard time getting myself 
motivated enough to actually pick up some books and study for the exam.  
I find myself reading a physiology textbook and taking about three hours 
to read 4-5 pages of material which isn't really that hard to absorb and 
understand.  My fiance (who's done his PhD already) is trying to help me 
out as best as he can by quizzing me on the material that I already have 
studied at least.  But my supervisor seems to be making no effort to help 
in my preparation for this "do-or-die" exam.  (I should add that I have 
to have passed this exam by January 1997 at the latest..)  Should I bring 
up the subject with my supervisor or just drop the matter and try to get 
things settled all on my own?

Thanks for any comments..

Carmelle V. Remillard
-lost in Montreal!!

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