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Phoebe Rice phoebe at VGER.NIDDK.NIH.GOV
Wed Aug 21 09:59:04 EST 1996

One thing I've learned after spending alot of last winter in search of a
job, and watching what happened to other people on the market:  you
can't please all the people all the time.  Looking enthusiastic about
your own work, and not sitting there like a lump on a log when other
people describe theirs are the only two things that always seem to be
positive.  Past that, what is "professionally dressed" to some people is
"looks more like a salesperson than a scientist" to others, what is
"results presented in a positive light" to some is "disgustingly slick"
to others.  A couple years ago there was a person who was fought over by
two (very good) departments who was rejected by two others, basically
for over-slickness.  So at some point its just not worth trying to adopt
a style that isn't comfortable just because you think its what people
are looking for.

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