candidacy exam prep. problems..

Kathleen Ann Sindt kas4e at
Tue Aug 20 08:04:24 EST 1996

CVR  writes:

> matter was dropped for a little while..  Just recently I started talking 
> about it again.  He's tossed out some names about who he wants to have on 
> the jury but is being pretty noncommittal about it.  In fact, he's left 
> it all up to me to phone up these people and ask them if they'd accept to 
> sit on my evaluation committee.  I've decided for myself that I want the 
> exam to be over and done with by early November at the latest.

That's pretty typical.  Usually an advisor will provide some
suggestions of whom to select, but you need to make your own
decision, then okay it with him (before contacting the profs -
he may have a problem with one of your choices).  It is your 
responsibility to contact the people, ask them to participate, 
and arrange a date for the exam.  If you want to have the exam
in early November, start trying to set a date at least three
weeks in advance.  If you have departmental heads or other very
busy people on your committee, you might try earlier than
that.  You have to fit it in around their schedules.

Kathie Sindt
kas4e at

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