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Bob Phair rphair at
Sat Aug 24 22:06:21 EST 1996

With an art background, you need to answer a critical question. Do you 
want to abandon art altogether and take up biology, or do you want to 
combine the two. Combinations like this can lead to astonishingly 
successful careers. 

Unless you have decided you dislike art, I'd suggest you look for ways 
to combine your skills and interests. There are, for example, many 
distinguished Art Applied to Medicine programs. But as the world wide 
web becomes more mainstream, there will be endless opportunities for 
visual artists who can communicate technical subjects (like biology) in 
visually appealing and informative ways.

This is said from the perspective of a biologist who spent 17 years on 
the faculty of a major research medical school.

Good luck! And don't listen to negative people. If you can define the 
goal, and are willing to work until you reach it, nothing can stop you.
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