Evolution in schools

Hilary Bates hbates at amgen.com
Wed Aug 28 12:14:24 EST 1996

sgnrlli at FREENET.MACATAWA.ORG (Denise Signorelli) wrote:

>  This is scary stuff alright.  I live in an area of extreme religious 
>conservatism and "creation science" is touted as fact.  Scientists are 
>the enemy.  I would recommend contacting the National Center for Science 
>Education (NCSE).  They have great recommendations and have been fighting 
>against "creation science" for a long time.
>  I think the most disturbing thing about these creationists to me, is 
>that they can ignore (or discredit) beautiful scientific evidence that 
>supports evolution.

And also evidence that shows how the biblical story can be shown to
be totally *compatible* with the theory of evolution. (e.g. that the 
ancient Hebrew words for 'day' and 'Adam' can also be translated as
'era' (or day on the geological time scale) or 'mankind' respectively).

  It is very hard for a scientist to RELATE to 
>behavior that ignores data!!  Some reasonable people will accept that a 
>change in gene frequency over time is evolution but, get hung up on the 
>idea that "man is a direct descendant of apes".

Which anyway is not what Darwin said; he said that man and apes have a
common ancestor.

  I always want to ask, so 
>who knows that God doesn't look like an ape? 

Good question! :-)

 Gets me in trouble a lot.  
>I would think that you could find other like-minded people in New Mexico 
>interested in teaching scientific fact instead of mythology.  GOOD Luck 
>or God Bless You, you may need it!  

Thanks for your points.

Hilary (Christian evolutionist who sometimes feels like the lone voice
of the Christian left)
hbates at amgen.com

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