short postdocs - truth or dare

Megan megan at
Wed Aug 28 13:59:19 EST 1996

Hi all,

I would like to ask a question on behalf of a friend of mine.  She is going
to finish her PhD soon and is looking for Postdocs.  Her husband is now in
another city, working on an MBA, which he will finish next June.  She is
going to interview for a postdoc in the same city in which he now lives, and
wants to go with him when he leaves, or ASAP after he leaves, but she does
not yet know where that will be (he will know by December where he has a job
lined up for after June).  She is wondering if it is wise to tell the PI
with whom she is interviewing that it will likely be a relatively short
postdoc (she guesses about a year) when she interviews, when she starts, or
when she is looking for the next one. Basically she doesnt want her new boss
to be disappointed or upset if she leaves in a year, but also doesnt want to
hurt her chances of getting the position.  Any suggestions??


megan at

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