Nat. Corn Genome Initiative

Anne McLaren mclaren at MO.NET
Wed Aug 28 14:18:06 EST 1996

A consortium of private and public organiztions has proposed a project to map the corn genome, called the National Corn Genome Initiative (NCGI). We believe that Federal funding would be appropriate since a corn genome map would be of National importance, and keeping the map in the public domain would benefit all associated plant and biological sciences.
	Details of the NCGI are available at:
			then use the "NCGI" icon
or	b) http//

	Please feel free to circulate this web address to your colleagues and associates.
	Your support would be appreciated via either constructive criticism/new approaches to help the project succeed, or by vocal support through your political representative or professional scientific association.

Thank you,
Jim McLaren
NCGI Plan Coordinator

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