so what is a christian evolutionist?

Sarah Boomer sarai at
Thu Aug 29 01:18:52 EST 1996

Yet another fascinating topic...

Several women have remarked that they are christians and evolutionists.
Having myself been partially reared in Lutheranism but always firmly
believed and studied evoltion in my science training, I guess I am in that
league.  But, man - my partner is a hard-core objective-thinking
evolutionary biologist who denies all faith on scientific grounds (can't
prove it) and we just have a large gap in our perspective on the world.  I
consider myself fundamentally "subjective" because I do think there are
things I take on faith or attribute to higher, spiritual things (not
christian per se - I don't practice any organized religion).

Where do your lines overlap?  Where does faith come in?  How do you deal
with it (or have you ever had to) with family, friends, colleagues,

Seeking enlightenment,  Sarah

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