Feeling for the Organism

Leemor Joshua-Tor leemor at CSHL.ORG
Fri Aug 30 10:50:27 EST 1996

Sarah Boomer wrote -

>The thing is - I was reading it again recently and a woman colleague of
>mine raked the book over the coals, claiming that McClintock hated it and
>that the biographer took great license in the writing and pathos of the
>portrayal.  My innocence has been temporarily lost!  Anyone out there
>heard anything like this?

According to people here at Cold Spring Harbor that knew her, this book
was based on an article that the author wrote for Discovery Magazine prior
to the Nobel Prize. The book was based solely on that interview. McClintock
didn't mind the article, but she hated the book because she didn't
give permission for it to be done. There are a lot of misconceptions
about her which I am just starting to discover from talking to people
here that knew her on a daily basis.

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