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At 12:55 AM 8/30/96 GMT, Sarah L. Pallas wrote:
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>>After a couple of weeks of 1.) Being out of town and 2.) catching up
>>being out of town, I discovered that the local school board here 
>>(Albuquerque, NM) has changed the rules so that evolution is no longer a 
>>required topic in the public school curriculum. The guidelines now state 
>Things have not really changed very much since the Scopes trial, have
>they?  This issue has been argued in state Supreme Courts numerous times,
>in each case teaching of creation "science" in science class was
>prohibited.  To my knowledge this has never been done in New Mexico to
>date.  PLEASE contact your local ACLU chapter or the national one, and
>People for the American Way.  
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Here are some URLs for these sites on the Web:
People for the American Way
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