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> only is a one-year postdoc probably a problem for a prospective boss, but it 
> will be hard for her to start a new project, get results, and get a job 
> seminar, so in effect she might be spinning her wheels.  The ideal solution 
> (if the husband is inflexible) would be to pick up expertise in a lab that 
> does quite different work and where she wouldn't normally consider going
for a 
>  longer period.  Of course this leaves the problem of what the prospective 
> boss would get out of it - hopefully your friend would contribute expertise 
> new to the lab, so it goes both ways.

On the other side, you might want to look for postdocs in something very
similar to what you are doing now.  This way, you can get a project up and
running in a shorter time, since you are familiar with the necessary
techniques.  Either way, I think that honesty is the best policy in this
particular case.  Your boss may need the assurance that you can 'get it
done' in the short time you are there.

Another 2 cents, for what it's worth.

--Julia Hsi Morris

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