Feeling for the Organism

Sarah Boomer sarai at u.washington.edu
Thu Aug 29 20:42:20 EST 1996

When I was in my college genetics course, this book was indeed a
discussion text that was read (paradoxically, perhaps, beside the Double
Helix).  I fell in love with the book myself and, particularly at the
time, looked towards McClintock's life as something I wanted.  Granted -
my views have changed significantly over the years - but I still respect
McClintock above most other scientists and admire in particular this
book's portrait.

The thing is - I was reading it again recently and a woman colleague of
mine raked the book over the coals, claiming that McClintock hated it and
that the biographer took great license in the writing and pathos of the
portrayal.  My innocence has been temporarily lost!  Anyone out there
heard anything like this?


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