Evolution in the schools

Megan megan at ucla.edu
Fri Aug 30 12:33:52 EST 1996

At 03:07 PM 8/29/96 -0700, Linnea Ista wrote: 
>But this is part of my problem with the whole issue ( I was the original 
>poster). Not every child is Christian. This is especially true here in 
>the southwest..  Which creation story gets taught? The same people who 
>want their creation story told at the expense of current scientific 
>theory would get really bent out of shape were stories of Spider Woman 
>singing creation into existence with her daughters (Pueblo) or Changing 
>Woman setting the world into harmony (Dine') given equal standing with 
>the Judeo-Christian story. In other words as possible truths for the 
>creation of the world. 
And can you imagine the uproar of the Fundies if there was an effort on the
part of non-Christians (Native Americans) to teach their world view in
public schools?!?  Pat Robertson would be up in arms - or have Ralph Reed
out for him, ranting about how they are using the state schools to teach a
heathen religion.  It is fine wiht them to teach Christianity to
non-Christian students in a publicly funded school, but not for their
children to be exposed to the idea that there are other options as well.
Sorry if I sound a little bitter, my mother is fanatical about her religion,
and tried very hard to prevent me from learning things like evolution, and
sex education - I was in Junior High before I found out what sex organs I
had, and then it was only because I found an encyclopaedia to look it up in.
If she had her way, I would be an ignorant fool.  I worry about this a great
deal, because I experienced it first hand, and I know how frustrating it can
be for the child.

>The point of an education, in my mind is to expand the things a person 
>has to think about. If the child is being taught at home that the world 
>was created in 7 days, what is the problem with hearing another viewpoint? 
This is my biggest complaint about the whole Creation in Schools thing -
parents who want their child to know about creation are not prevented from
teaching their child at home or in the context of Sunday School.  This is
how I was taught about it.  Science class is where we teach about science,
not religion. 
When we cross the boundary of teaching religion in science class, I have a
very big problem with it.  I would not have a problem with having the
creation story taught in public schools in the context of a World Religions
class - as long as stories from other religions were given a lot of time as

>I am not a parent, nor do I intend to be. But if I were and according to 
>you my job as a parent is to 
>be the primary educator of my children, then I think this is doubly 
>important in matters of religion, which is at the crux of this matter. 
>Most importantly, be a responsible citizen and vote.
>Of course, I know that now! 

another $0.02 from me...


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