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: |> I think Sabine has done a great job of expressing the worry of looking at the
: |> job market.  I have many of her same concerns.  And I appreciate her having the  
: |> nerve to post them,  that takes real guts.  I know what my skills are and
: |> I have a general idea of what I am good at and like to do, but actually finding 
: |> a good job that fits isn't very easy.  I am very hopeful for my future, and for  
: |> hers too.  Sorry I don't have any info. on international organizations, but  
: |> Houston, Texas (where I am)  is a rather diverse place.  Let me know if you  
: |> want any information from this part of the world.
: |> 
: |> Celeste
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: Thanks, Celeste.

: I am surprised that I seem to have sounded sort of pessimistic. Actually, I am 
: very optimistic. (BTW, I know now where to get information on EU jobs.)

: And now we know why Mr. Chan stirred activity in this newsgroup - he was bored
: but not imaginative enough, so he needed some material for his spams. 
: Mr. Chan, since you will undoubtedly read this post: believe me, I do not see
: my illusions shattered or anything, I just see a political development taking
: place which drives science into a direction I do not like at all, and I am 
: getting out of this ALTHOUGH I am good at it, have the neccessary connections
: and publications record. I would not do this if I did not see promising 
: alternatives. 
Well here we go, that is exactly what I was saying, I accept criticism but
please not on a personal level, you are now saying "I am bored and not imaginative
enough", then what am I suppose to do? I like to offer you my advice because you
felt unoptimistic and now I got a rebuff from you, I don't think I'd deserve
: By the way, I am just back from a seminar of the german physical society 
: on job prospects and opportunities for physicists, and am very surprised
: that I felt like the most optimistic of all the people attending it. From
: the talks given there by people working in industry, I even gathered that
: this optimism is justified.
Well I am very pleased for you in finding back your optimism, perhaps others
in the seminar will have exactly the same encouragement as you did....:)


: Sabine

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