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Wed Dec 4 13:13:52 EST 1996

Two folks out there have laid out a few ideas on tenure definitions - to
perhaps clarify this case (not that it can be clarified) - the position my
boss was hired to after several post-docs was a non-tenure "research
assistant professor."  We have a separate group of "non-tenure" lecturers
and so I guess, using terminology used by others, my boss would have been
a staff scientist, non-tenure track.  She had a standard first-time
faculty NIH grant when she entered and was able to petition the dept. for
status as a "graduate faculty member," which gave her the right to take

Currently, after nine years of teaching, research, successful
grans-woman-ship, outstanding publicatons, etc, she has been promoted to
associate professor, non-tenure and non-tenure-track.  Our lab has wavered
around 15-22 the last three years and the inquiries by post-docs and
students just keeps coming.  Our space consists of one big lab and two
accessory labs, the total area of which is maybe 2000 square feet (that's
probably generous).  We may lose a whole room (this has been threatened
for some time but no follow-through) and have an automated sequencer
coming next week - so it's pretty damn tight! 

Don't know if that clarifies the situation or not!  Good to hear from
several women with interesting similar stories about dealing with this
kind of environment!  


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