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I don't know if this counts as a course on the biology of women but we
certainly covered this topic in part.  The course was called science and
gender and it was a women's studies class at my college, university of
puget sound.  The text for the course was Bleier's "Science and Gender,"
although most of the class was a "seminar" type class driven by research
projects by class members.  I picked the topic of Women's Health and
Medicine in Victorian England.  

Obviously, much of the class covered what I think of as
"deconstructionist" views of science, a common feminist perspective that
is criticized a fair bit - but we did focus on issues of women's biology,
both contemporary and historical.  

Don't know if this will be helpful or of interest.  By the way, the class
was taught by this wild woman physical therapist who, despite her 4/8"
stature was quite the whip.  She later spent her sabbatical studying
the structure of medical training in Kenya and gave this amazing talk
about women in Africa for our feminist seminar class, a later course in
the women's studies series, wearing a men's prayer robe that her husband
(a 6'5" guy) had to basically buy for her because they wouldn't let her.  

Fond memories, indeed,  Sarah
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