cross-posting to science careers?

Sarah Boomer sarai at
Thu Dec 12 02:12:15 EST 1996

I just heard that a bunch of posts from this newgroups have been appearing
on the science careers network... I am not quite sure how I feel about
this, how knowing anything about that group or the readership.  The timing
of it all also feels a bit weird because I just got strange messages about
some journalist wanting to talk to me (oh dear).  I've been pretty sick
with an intense flu/cold but someone in my lab told me about some
interesting messages... then I heard from Jenn that a mutual friend of
ours has been reading all about us on science careers.  I guess it doesn't
bother me intensely (although I'm writing this on lots of Benedryl that
has been making me crabby!).  I just figured that I outta alert other
readers of this group to this little development - perhaps others out
there have better opinions on cross-posts.  I'm too feverish to decide! 
And darn if I didn't have to carry all my thesis up today running a
hundred and one - not a pretty sight for the poor person to have to check
all those margins! 

Oh well - I guess I will have to go in to work to see what this message is
all about after all... I was really hoping to stay in bed all day, for a
change!  Since coming down with this awful illness on Friday, I really
haven't had a moment to rest thoroughly - thesis adjustment here, a little
cell culture there... I think I am going in for an hour of work - and I'm 
there half the day. Oh I'm tired!

Curioser and Curiouser, Sarah

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