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Sun Dec 15 17:13:04 EST 1996

Susan B is a must read newsletter for all women. Learn about women from
the past who made significant contributions. Read about women who are
making a difference today. Do you know how many women have been awarded
the Nobel Prize in science? 9 out of  the 300 awarded!  Learn why. Susan
B. recognizes the accomplishments of women past and present and gives you
a voice to express your concerns or bring someone to our attention. Other
departments include; a man's view, health and beauty, poetry by women, and
featured high profile interviews. 

Susan B. is a quarterly publication, one year subscriptions are $15.00
Send check or money order to:
								Susan B.
Bleecker St. G30
								New York,
NY 10014

For more information email susanbnews at

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