men, women, the politics of baking

Sarah Boomer sarai at
Wed Dec 18 17:32:39 EST 1996

Dear Alice and others,

	Yup - your remarks about sports hit home here as well.  While not
universal (there is one woman who is totally into baseball and two guys
who could care less), many men in the lab do adore their little
discussions about baseball and basketball. Several woman and I like to
make note of how intense they are about statistics and players;  there is
literally a communication dichotomy some days where the women are going on
about departmental politics, family issues - and the men have nothing to
say and vice versa when that game is barrooming on the radio. 
	I should stress that this is by no means a universal thing.  My
boss is a total woman basketball player and admirer.  But she doesn't
carry it in the intense way that the guys do with huge discussions and so
forth.  My partner, while feverishly into his karate black belt, can't
stand competitive team sports and doesn't come off as the goofy macho
sports fiend the way the majority of "guy"-guys (see Dave Barry's book on
the topic-  makes for some great laughs) do!

	Oh - I hate to say it... but if the group's previous discussions
about tenure and personal/professional history were perceived as
"embarrasing," I cannot imagine how this discussion of baking and sports
is coming off sounding.  There is something to be said for the meaning of
it all.  Daily choices may not "seem" important but they are the additive
cogs that make the wheel turn or fall apart.


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