baking, etc.

Laurel Spear Bernstein lbernstein at
Thu Dec 19 18:51:01 EST 1996

Beth Hacker wrote:
--baking stuff snipped-- though I sure hear ya!--
>   ... I believed it and did all the right things,followed
> the path that I was supposed to take to get the right job. 
It is very hard to stick to
> your guns when the person who will be your main reference doesn't support
> your right to chose the life you want to lead. Has anyone else out there
> been in this situation?

you sure are not alone in this. I left the so-called "right path" and it
was the best decision I ever made (check out my essay on this topic on
Science's Next Wave at, if I may be so
presumptuous as to point you to that URL). I have since heard many
horror stories about advisors refusing to write letters of
recommendation for students who are choosing paths other than what the
advisor thinks they should. If this isn't abuse of power, I don't know
what is!

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