men, women, and the politics of sports

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>> I have noticed one other thing though.  Sports.  Have any of you noticed
>> that sports occupies the attention of alot of men in science?  
I have noticed that both men and women are up to date on what's happening 
in football, baseball, and basketball. We also have quite a few people 
involved in recreational sports - but I'm the only one that is doing any 
kind of serious competition. I guess that makes me, a 100 pound girl (not 
even big enough to be a woman) the unofficial lab jock. Go figure ...

My involvement in sports is usually well tolerated, though I did catch 
some flak when I showed up with my arm encased in 3 pounds of fiberglass 
last spring. The boss mellowed out when she noticed that I am 
ambidextrous :-)
I do take more precautions now. I make sure all the 
children near the track are within arm's length of a parent before I 
start skating because the only time I ever get hurt is when I trip over a 
loose "little critter" that has managed to step out onto the track.

Sk8er Brat :-)

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