Apologies for "hello girls"

Mr. W.Y. Chan wahchan at liverpool.ac.uk
Fri Dec 20 04:00:27 EST 1996

Eva Dupille (poseva at iata.csic.es) wrote:
: I really didn't think that it was a pejorative word, more a kind word, =
: in fact. Just to say, eh, a little more help between us.=20
: That is not looking for details we will increase the women position at =
: work and out of work.=20
: Sorry again. Living in Spain and being French, .... By the way, I here =
: have to bear the ambiant machism and, really, didn t want to decrease =
: women.
: Eve

Hello Eva (Eve?),
I dont find "Hello Girls" personally offensive, I sometimes say that to friends
it just that in the past I've been flamed for saying it here but maybe
you havent been flamed as much comming from a woman which in any case
is discrimination. As for "a little help" why? If a person's suitability
is not mets in a job then they will not be chosen. Lets say if a man and
a woman went for the same job and there was nothing to choose between them
are you suggesting if the employer is a woman then it is a must for her to
choose a woman?


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