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Hi -
	While I agree to a point, I think the discussion about baking and
superficial definitions is simply that, very superficial - very
superficial discussions about what "femininity" is.  I think the root of
the superficiality, though, does have to do with some deep-seated
socialization differences between many men and women that are perhaps more
psychological (Note: I don't even pretend to be a psychologist... just an
old liberal arts alum with some women studies).  
	Why do women tend to do these "little things"  - why?  I think
that comes down to some real points made by women on the group (and also
some people of different ethnic backgrounds, to me personally).  Many (not
ALL!) men grow up with a behavioural pattern that is geared toward
satisfying personal gains where many women (not ALL!)  grow up being
raised to make decisions based on more group-oriented things.  I think the
real point of these discussions does come down to more of an issue that
many women look at little tasks around their workplace and think - oh, I
have to do this because it will impress the group or so and so forgot to
clean that up - I will HELP them because they are clearly busy.  It isn't
that a woman always bakes because it is feminine to do so;  it is perhaps
because she feels that it will please others to do it.  A man, on the
other hand, may just be thinking - I don't have time for this;  I have a
more experiments to run before lab meeting. Yes - there are still lots of
silly feminine trappings that make it easier for a man to assume he can't
or isn't suited for baking... but it still, to me, comes down to what men
and women differentially value in terms of setting the course of their
day, their year, their career. 


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