men, women, the politics of baking

Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart at
Sat Dec 21 15:05:18 EST 1996

Mr. W.Y. Chan wrote:

>         I often joke with my friends (including women) that I wanted a wife
> who can cook 

Ah, yes; I also would like a wife to stay at home and keep house for me
(and my husband, of course) ;-)

> a women can look
> like Cindy Crawford and can please a man like Sharon Stone 

You've been "pleasured" by Sharon Stone??? 

> but if she
> cant cook or do any of the house work or look after the family I might as
> well look for a Rosanne Bar

Since when has Roseanne replaced Jun Cleaver as our model homemaker??

> such as "Beauty is only Skin Deep". Well this
> sound very sexist and I do say it as a joke so no flaming please.

Umm, it would help if it was *funny*
Susan <taking the bait again...>
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>> People who have faith never think to question it... While people without
>> faith can never understand it.
**I guess believeing in God is like owning a Saturn . hahahaha!!
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