men, women, the politics of baking

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Rae Nishi (nishir at wrote:
: I would like to provide a counter- example-- my grad student, Tom (who
: will defend his thesis this Jan) LOVES to bake.  He is not at all
: ashamed of bringing "home-made" things into lab meeting and he is known
: for staying up until 2:00 am cooking goodies for lab meeting.  When we
: have a potluck party, he usually waltzes in with at least 3 different
: mega-sized dessert dishes (eg., once he made napoleons, a fruit tart,
: and cookies-- all of which looked like they came out of a gourmet
: magazine).  He is not ashamed of his love of baking and he doesn't feel
: guilty if others (like the women in the lab) bring in store-bought
: donuts for lab meeting (probably because he doesn't feel like he is
: playing a role).  Bottom- line-- do it if you like it and don't feel
: bad about it.  If you're grumpy about doing the baking all the time,
: then buy something for a change.  No one will think less of you for it.
: BTW, I never have time to bake (two little ones at home keep me
: occupied) so I'm always running to the bakery (just like all my fellow
: faculty members).

Funny enough I know a man who can really cook and he became very popular
with the ladies, us guys get quite enviouse but the women marvelled at
his skill and wants to learn from him. I suppose home cooking
has increasingly become a dying arts and many married women had
had used special home cooking as a way of keeping their man. What did they
call it? Yes Home Economics.


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