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Thu Feb 1 10:33:26 EST 1996

On Fri, 26 Jan 1996 cathy.jones at wrote:

> I wanted to get some feedback from this group re: going
> back to school in your late thirties.
> In high school, I had an old-fashioned counselor who
> thought that I would be happier taking typing and
> home ec classes even tho my skills and interests always
> tested out high in science. I've denied that science
> interest for 20 years, but have finally decided to try
> and do something about it.
> I'm taking entry level courses in biology, chemistry;
> soon I'll try physics and calculus; all of this at a
> community college in the Bay Area, CA.
> What I'd like to know is if anyone has experience with
> moving back into heavy academics after working for 15
> years? Did you find college life difficult? Did you 
> continue to work and then find a school that fit the
> schedule you wanted? How long did it take? What schools
> did you end up at?
> Thanks for any help. 
> Cathy Jones
> cathy.jones at at CHUB1
Dear Cathy,

I myself have not reentered, but when I was teaching college I had a 
student who returned to school when she was in her earlt forties.  She 
was an excellent student, as are most of the "non-traditionals" I have 
taught.  She is now in vetrinary school.

My aunt also reentered school in her mid forties, she now has a masters 
degree in counselling psychology.  

Both seemed to find the intellectual challange of college worthwhile, and 
were excellent students (I think the maturity factor plays a big role 
here;). Both stated to me that they didn't fit in to "college life" as 
well as they would have in their twenties.  At most universities (even 
the tiny one I attended as an undergrad) there are organizations 
specifically for older students.

The very best of luck!

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