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Sandra Weller (Weller at wrote:
: advisor.  Some students need more encouragement and want to discuss every
: experiment and others seem to prefer to be left alone until ready to
: discuss the "whole experiment".  I try to provide the guidence and
: managerial style that I perceive is needed by each student.  I am not sure
: my male colleagues would consider taking the time to do this.  I am
: rambling and my biological children need me to read to them right now.  I
: think this is an important issue and I look forward to reading other
: responses.

: Sandy Weller, Ph.D. and just promoted to full Professor of
: Microbiology.


It's always great to hear of a success story. I have really been
enjoying the stories of mentoring, in part because they are
reminding me that there are women professors out there.

I was recently talking to a woman colleague, about my undergraduate
school (caltech) and shocked her (and myself a little bit) by
telling her that in my four years there, I never had a woman
professor in a science class. (There were some women in the
science departments, but not very many).

I'm glad that this wider community of the network is giving me
an opportunity to hear of women who are succeeding in the


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