Rachelle J. Bienstock rachelle at picard.niehs.nih.gov
Fri Feb 2 10:29:32 EST 1996

I have known of several cases where there are spouses in the
same scientific department, and in many cases there is always
gossip that the position for one was created so that the other
would accept a position.  There is nothing one can do about
gossip...there is no question that if a department really wants
you and the funding is available they will try to assist in
accomodating a spouse.  But, in today's market with such
an overwhelming surplus of candidates and with such tight
funding I think this is going to be less and less true-
particularly for candidates at the beginning level (I'm not
talking about when departments are recruiting for chairs,
or higher level positions).  That is why I think it is in
your best interest to NOT mention anything about your
spouse until you are at least invited for an interview.
For either an academic or industrial position, if you are
invited for an interview, you are usually one of the top 5
candidates.  Also, going on an interview helps you learn
in more detail what is in the area and what opportunities
may be available for a spouse.  Also, with every opportunity
you should gather as much information as possible before
rejecting it...in many cases a situtation where you may think
there are no possiblilities for a spouse, you may discover there
are other places in the area where there may be opportunities,
or that the commute between 2 places is actually reasonable.
Also, it depends how flexible your spouse is in his/her career

You should never give an employer the opportunity to second
guess you though- i.e. "she won't accept a job here because of
her spouse" (how do they know that maybe your spouse wants to
change careers, quit their job, or is willing to have a long-distance
relationship- these are your choices..)
Or "she won't be able to work second shift, she has small 
children", or "she won't be able to work the number of hours in
the lab. required because she has small children"....
Whatever choices or accomodations you make in your personal life
are your own business, not your employers...

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