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Fri Feb 2 03:50:45 EST 1996

jcoleman at msvax.mssm.edu wrote:
>Especially if he is the one interviewing and helps
>get you a position....how do you deal with the possible impression that he/she
>"got" you your position? Vice versa....if you are the one who gets the "main"
>position does he feel that people think he just got the job because they
>wanted you so badly? 

People will allways gossip. So what? It's just wonderfull if both 
partners can have a job in their field AND live together in the 
same place. It's hard enough to find a job anyway. By not taking 
a job because of what people might say you do not do yourself a 
favour. If both do their job well that will be recognised and I 
guess that most of the gossip will die out in time. The general 
attitude in science seems to be that we should place our 
job(possibilities) above our partners. I refuse that because 
there's more to life than doing research. If that leads to some 
of the talking you describe, so be it. 

Cheers, GJ.

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