managing people -experience the key

Bart Janssen bjanssen at
Fri Feb 2 13:25:34 EST 1996

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Allendoerfer) wrote:

>Here's an example of where the women
> are right and where their way of looking at things is more accurate
> than the men's.  Is it "bad" because women think this way?  Or are the
> men indulging in a little egotistical wishful thinking?

The real minus of this thinking is that it means that a large number of
very capable young women stop their scientific careers at a low level
because they "think" they are not good enough.  I find it extremely
frustrating to see female technicians being bossed around by male PhD's
and Phd students who are in every way thier inferior.  When I've
questioned the techs about it they say they stopped because "they didn't
think they had what it takes to go on".   Arrrrrggggghhhh.


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