Bart Janssen bjanssen at bio.tamu.edu
Fri Feb 2 13:18:56 EST 1996

Kind of odd thread this.  We've just gone through this job hunting for two
scenario.  My partner found a very good position, from the begining she
made it clear that she wouldn't be able to accept unless I found a
position in the area as well.  At that stage I had several leads but
subsequently none of them came through.  However, with the help of my
partner's new employer I did find a position.  I honestly can't imagine
lying to (or concealing the truth from) a prospective employer.  If the
employer is silly enough to let it affect their decision to employ you
then I think you are better off not going there.  If (as in our case) your
employer is only too willing to help in the job hunt (for the other half)
then you have lost a valuable ally and potentially soured the working
relationship before you start (by assuming that the employer wouldn't help
or would allow the difficulty to affect the choice of the best candidate).

Having been involved in hiring staff I personally would much prefer to
know all the potentially difficulties while I can still do something to

The post-doc/supervisor relationship is difficult at the best of times, by
not being honest and open up front I think you are setting yourself up for
problems down the line.

Bart (the male half)
PS I don't mind at all being the one for which a job was "created", I know
my partner is better than me, but I also know that I will very pleasantly
surprise my new boss with my ability.

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