jcoleman at msvax.mssm.edu jcoleman at msvax.mssm.edu
Thu Feb 1 20:03:25 EST 1996

All this talk about when to mention that your spouse is also a scientist and
a position for them would be optimal for taking a position. I am wondering
how women scientists whose spouse also work in their university or even
department feel about this? Especially if he is the one interviewing and helps
get you a position....how do you deal with the possible impression that he/she
"got" you your position? Vice versa....if you are the one who gets the "main"
position does he feel that people think he just got the job because they
wanted you so badly? My spouse is not in science, but I have seen several 
academic couples who work at the same institution, and usually one or the other
was the "recruited" and the other partner was found a position...one
I know of shared a position...as something mentioned earlier. I also thought
that this situtation would be very bad for a woman scientist...enforcing the
*oops* this editor sucks ...sorry....enforcing the stereotype that women
need help. I don't know if Iam being clear but any comments?


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