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Fri Feb 2 15:45:20 EST 1996

On 2 Feb 1996 19:42:53 GMT, mbrown at fred (Megan Brown) wrote:

> Unfortunately, heads of labs rarely
>take these courses, when it may be they who would most benefit. I think
>these courses are seen by the lab heads as unnecessary, a poor use of
>time, something for business-person types, and so on.

  Good comment Megan (and hi)!  I know that when I was a post-doc at UCSF,
people tended to look down on courses like this (or those designed to
improve teaching) as something "That would be nice if I had more time, but
I don't".  Once I became a PI myself, I let many such opportunities slip
through my fingers because something else always seemed more important (and
I needed to sleep sometime).

  The problem is that some courses ARE a waste of time (I went to one after
my recent job change and it seemed to be mainly designed to make the
participants feel good about themselves rather than to seriously address
management issues).  How does one separate the worthwhile courses from the
fluff and then get the people who need them into the classroom?


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