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Fri Feb 2 14:42:53 EST 1996

Carol Auer (CAUER at wrote:

: Thanks to everyone who responded about how to manage people in the 
: research lab environment.  Everyone seemed to mention the importance 
: of communication.  Nobody had taken any formal management training, 
: although a few people suggested reading books.

Regarding formal management training--it may be available where you work.
Here at the "Hutch" there are training courses offered by the Human
Resources division on managing one's employees, getting along with
different personality types, etc. Unfortunately, heads of labs rarely
take these courses, when it may be they who would most benefit. I think
these courses are seen by the lab heads as unnecessary, a poor use of
time, something for business-person types, and so on. If there were
enough interest here, I think Human Resources would even be willing to
put together a course specifically geared to scientists, as HR is very
accommodating and inclusive. There may be similar resources available at
many institutes, universities, and companies. 

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