How to get The MORTIMER Story

Tracey Guice guice at HUSC.HARVARD.EDU
Fri Feb 2 11:31:29 EST 1996

Tracey Guice '96-'97

On 2 Feb 1996, Roger Rabbit wrote:

> This posting was made automatically by machine. It will appear once
> every minute or so. Direct any questions to rabbit at Buster.Michigan.COM
> -------
> The MORTIMER story can be retreived from a special archive server
> (the Mort-Server) To request a part of the MORTIMER  story,  send 
> mail  to one  of  the  addresses  below.  Put   your  request  on 
> the Subject: line of your message. Requests are can be the in the
> following form:
>     ALL - (in upper case) will cause the entire story to be sent
>           to you. 
>     n   - (where n is an integer) will cause part one to be sent
>  n,m... - (where n and m, etc are integers) will cause parts n, m
>           and so forth, to be sent.
> You may send your request to any of the following addresses:
>      MORTIMER at Buster.Michigan.COM
>      MORTIMER at Babs.Michigan.COM
>      MORTIMER at Plucky.Michigan.COM
>      MORTIMER at Hamton.Michigan.COM
>      MORTIMER at McLoon.Michigan.COM
>      MORTIMER at Elmyra.Michigan.COM
> If you send off a request and don't get a response within 5 days, 
> send e-mail to the sysop here (NOT ME!!). His address is:
>      ARCHIVER at Michigan.COM
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