backlash ala Ed

Joy Frestedt frest001 at MAROON.TC.UMN.EDU
Sat Feb 3 15:03:03 EST 1996

I think Ed's EMPHATIC description of one isolated event pales in 
comparison to what women face EVERY DAY.  I'm sorry that ED felt 
"excluded" (by the words of one woman as she described another woman, no 
less).  I think the MAJOR "backlash" has got to stop and chastizing a 
group of women for not focusing on INDIVIDUAL "female offenders" is not 
helpful.  The major"backlash" is AGAINST WOMEN AND MINORITIES AND 
TYPICALLY NOT AGAINST MEN.  This "backlash" is meant to benefit most men 
(even Ed) at the expense of most women (including me).  In the end, I do 
agree with Ed: the men (and women) who abuse others should not be 
tolerated, but let's see the big picture and try to do something 
constructive for the majority of us!  Perhaps we can all work together as 
reasonable men and women.

Joy Frestedt
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From: ED MCNALLY  <cruyff at>
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Date: 3 Feb 1996 18:59:28 GMT
Subject: Re: IDEA initiaters
As a male working in a nearly all female environment, I have to say
that this is absolutely a two way street.  While I don't condone
censorship of women, I must emphatically point out that I have felt the
same exclusion.  I was told by one female colleaugue that another
probably didn't want to talk to me because "I don't think she likes
men"  There has been a backlash pendulum which has crashed into
innocent men.  Be aware of your difficulty, but be cognizant of female
offenders as well.

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