Getting Heard, get on with it

Xan Anna2 xananna2 at
Sat Feb 3 05:10:14 EST 1996

Just another anecdote.  I was introduced to a psychology prof.  who upon
hearing that I was in a linguisitc anthropology class stated that he
disliked having women in his lab because he was impatient with their
indirect speech.   I mentioned an article by Deborah Tannen to him, in
which she mentions two linguists who analyzed the speech on crashed
airplane's black boxes.  The American anthropologist concluded that
co-pilots erred by using indirect speech to convey their misgivings about
the safety of taking off and the Japanese anthropologist concluded the
pilots had erred by failing to pay attention to the indirect warnings of
the co-pilot.  The professor seemed excited by this.  I took it as a sign
that elite institutions may pay more attention to hierarchy then the 
community college I attend. 

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