Scholarship for girl entering science?

ED MCNALLY cruyff at
Sun Feb 4 11:56:04 EST 1996

(Sophie Weirich) writes: 

>My name is Sophie Weirich.  I am a grade 11 student in Abbotsford,
>I am interested in studing immunology, neuroscience or virology when I

>graduate from high school.  I was wondering if anyone has any
>as to what univerisities I should consider and what type of
>are available for women entering science.
>Have a great day
>Sophie Weirich


    I will research it when I get to work on Monday.  Unfortunately, I
do not have the resources at my disposal right now.  I will get back to
you, perhaps in a posting because I haven't figured out how to save
e-mail addresses for later use.  


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