With the knowledge of biology and gentics Life can be created scientifically

Aresh Izadi aizadi at FRONTIER.CANREM.COM
Mon Feb 5 11:26:31 EST 1996

>Is there any reason why I have received twenty copies of this posting? 
>Has anyone else?
>Tracey Guice '96-'97
>On 1 Feb 1996, Tamara Bury wrote:
>> Aresh Izadi <aizadi at frontier.canrem.com> wrote:
>> >Is there anybody who thinks life can be created scientifically through DNA 
>> >Regards
>> >
>> >Aresh Izadi
>> Hi Aresh-
>> I'm interested.  Tell me what you know.
>> -Tammy
>Hi Tammy

Have you ever visited http://www.rael.org/

Please let me know if you did or not.
If you have any question please ask me and 
I would be glad to answer them.

Aresh Izadi

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