high heel requirement at work?

Bart Janssen bjanssen at bio.tamu.edu
Tue Feb 6 10:27:29 EST 1996

In article <4f3qvp$395 at oznet07.ozemail.com.au>, Lesley McKeown
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> Nothing wrong with a dress code - a guy is expeced to wear a tie - at 
> least you can slip your shoes off under the boardroom table - better than 
> being choked by some fashionable noose! Besides, at 5'2", thank god for 
> high heels, otherwise I'd be staring at my colleagues' ties!!
> Lesley McKeown.
> PS - don't forget the Neatfeet.

Hi there
Actually, from personal observation I'd say there was an anti-high heel
(and anti make up) dress code for women in science.  From what I've seen
women who "dress up" for lab work are looked down on.  I'm not sure why, I
suspect it's something along the lines of "if she's so concerned about her
appearance she can't be a good scientist".

Anyone else notice anything like this??

PS Sorry for picking on your posts Lesley :)
PPS  Never have worn a tie never will!

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